Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mission Accomplished

Here is a look at the "To Do" list (in no particular order) for our mission trip to Kenya:
  • train 20 Kenyan pastors in the Water4 well drilling technique Status: COMPLETED
  • drill two new water wells and install the Access 1.2 hand pump at each well Status: COMPLETED
  • improve the physical health of the people who live in the communities around the new water wells by providing them clean drinking water Status: COMPLETED
  • positively impact the Kingdom by equipping and training pastors to be better leaders, more knowledgeable theologically and capable of using water well drilling as an effective church planting tool Status: COMPLETED
  • for the lives of the Crossings team to be changed as a result of this trip Status: COMPLETED AND EXCEEDED
Today we concluded our conference with the twenty Kenyan pastors. We also completed the installation of the last two pumps, both at the Eldoret Children's Rescue Centre. At the conclusion of the commissioning service that we held as the last event of the conference the Crossings team had the opportunity to go around the room and pray for each and every pastor in the room. It was an honor to be able to lift up these men in prayer as they take what they have learned and return to their homes to make both an eternal and physical difference in the lives of the people who live in those regions.

Crossings/Water4 Drill Team Front Row: Kemp Ward, David Bilodeau; Back Row: Rich DiAngelo, John Burbank, Mark Kern, Michael Milligan, Scott Schmidt, David Purcer, Phil Altes (not pictured: Kim Ward)
As with any project of this kind, introducing "new" technologies and techniques, the response level of the pastors varied. Some genuinely see this as an opportunity to bring life - physical and spiritual - to their people. The jumped into the drill training with both feet and cannot wait to get home and drill wells. Others recognize the potential impact that water wells could have on their ministry but they are somewhat reluctant - for many different reasons - to completely buy in to the process. Still others see the value of what we are doing, but they are not really drillers. They are more of the administrative types.

All in all, we know that God will be glorified and lives will be changed with each well that is drilled by these men of God.

And that's really the bottom line: for God to receive the glory. If God would have received more glory (in some manner) by us working hard but failing to complete a well, we could have lived with that outcome. Mind you, it would not be our preference, but this trip ultimately is not about's all about God and his glory. In fact, when you get right down to it, this trip is not even about water. It's about how God reveals himself to his creation and extends his glory here on earth. We were just blessed enough to be a part of his plan at this moment in time in Kenya. Everyone on the team recognizes that the success of this trip really had nothing to do with us, but it was all about God showing up.

Now that all of the pastors have left to return home, tomorrow we will return to Nairobi. On Thursday we will spend the day reveling in God's creation as we take in some of the natural wonders and wildlife that Kenya has to offer. And finally, on Friday we will return to Nairobi and start our return journey back to the United States. Please pray for us as we travel home.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Soli Deo gloria,

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